I am now OPEN for animal and pet portrait commissions! I would love to create a custom painting or drawing of your favorite animal or beloved pet. Email me at with a brief description of what you would like including size, medium, and any photos you want me to reference.

Charcoal Drawing
Small : 45-150$
Medium: 200-300$
Large: 350-800$+

Oil Painting: 
Small: 100-250$
Medium: 250-800$
Large: 800-1600$+

The cost depends on the medium and complexity of the image. The more elements you wish to include the more time it will take me. After you have established the scale of the piece you would like we will then have a chat about any symbols, colors and details you want included. After the specifics are established you can expect your new drawing or painting in 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity and medium. Please let me know if you need it sooner and we can work out a rush rate!